What is the standard temperature of mean sea level according to International Standard Atmosphere (ISA)?
What does the Mach Number mean?
The total weight of an aircraft ready for a specific type of operation excluding all usable fuel and traffic load. Operational Empty Weight plus items specific to the type of flight, i.e. catering, newspapers, pantry equipment, etc…
Which one is the maximum speed at which the crew can decide to reject the takeoff, and is ensured to stop the aircraft within the limits of the runway.
What is Accelerate-Stop Distance Available(ASDA)?
When the Outside Air Temperature (OAT) increases, take off distance .....
What are the effects of upward runway slope regaring take-off?
The aircraft’s landing weight must permit landing within ..% of the Landing Distance Available at both the destination and any alternate airport(dry runway).
The ......... represents the angle between the horizontal axis and the aerodynamic axis.
The minimum fuel quantity calculated for flight planning is defined as:

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