It was signed on 1929 which convention’s main objective was stating liability of airlines for the death or injury of passengers and damaged baggage with specific compensation values.
Its content was completed on 1963, which convention was related to regulating laws for all offensive behaviours effecting security of passengers on board or safety of aircrafts in flights on civil international aviation.
It is incontestable that this convention is the most important convention in civil aviation history. The main objective of the convention were ensuring flight safety in all around the world with developing regulations and international organisations for civil aviation facilities.
In summarise, it is the convention which defines the liability of airlines to the damaged third parties on the surface after an accident.
The hijacking is clearly defined as crime and with this convention for the civilian aircrafts. Further more, it defines crimes related to hijacking which occurred in foreign countries.
It was signed on 1919, which was related to the regulations of Aerial Navigation . Main objective was to agree on absolute sovereignty of each country on their own territories. This convention did not reach its purposes exactly due to political issues.
It was signed on 1948, which is related to International Recognition of Rights in Aircraft. The purpose of this convention is to facilitate the financing for purchase of aircraft employed in international air services.
It is the convention, supplementary to the Warsaw Convention for the unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air Performed by a person other than the contracting state.
Which convention was resulted with the foundation of ICAO ?
It applied in the countries of America on 1928 and related to private aircraft and was defining basic principles and regulations of air traffic with also accepting sole sovereignty of all states in their own territories.

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